Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Life..

Nothing says busy like being a Highschool Student, a College Student and working. This last week has been so busy I dont think I have even had the chance to just take it easy. I started College on Monday and every night there is at least an hour of homework from each class, its crazy compared to Highschool. But I do get to graduate from Highschool in December, so that is really awesome! I have alot of work to do before then but I know with Gods help Ill get there.

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  1. BeautifulOne, choose Right, choose the Light, and win thy fight. See ya soon, girl; see ya in Heaven. In fact, I love you so much, I'd much rather serve you for the length and breadth of eternity. Nevertheless, these few are my blogs I wrote to try and git the Word-Out about how much I love the female race and, in the Great Beyond, I'll love'm more precisely because a whole universe is waiting for eternity - besides, we got all-the-time in the world then. Kick-ass. Join me, miss gorgeous, and lemme fill-us-up to pleasure-beyond-measure. Wanna? Ya gonna? Just to kiss your adorable feets in Heaven would blow-my-mind. Look’n forward to it. See ya soon.


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