Frogs lie on lily pads,
Birds sing a harmony,
Bears make a roar,
Flowers bloom in the Spring
Leafs change in the Fall
But what matters about this is,
                   The creator above us all

Not To Late
Some People don’t realize,
What’s behind all the clothes,
All the bumps and bruises,
And yelling and cursing,
The pain she feels,
The pain that cant heal,
Fate coming towards her,
But then,
Some people don’t realize until its to late.

What matters the most,
Is being so close,
It hurts me to know
That this will soon someday go,
So that is why,
I need you to stand by
And realize what you are doing
Before you are soon ruined.
You will claim that,
You are ok, but everyone knows,
Even me
That you are still the same,
Still the same as yesterday.

You can say never,
But what about forever?
All those times we laughed,
 Are in my heart till the end.
Cause if you say never,
There is no forever.